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Donald Trump knows more about everything than anyone else, especially 'experts'. He has an awesome IQ. Just ask him about it. He can do 'deals' better than anyone. He has billions of dollars that were amassed by taking advantage of every tax and business loophole that his team of lawyers can ferret out, and those lawyers have kept him out of court cases that less affluent and influential people would have had to face. Truth and honor seem to be words that he is unfamiliar with and he doesn't even know the basic rules of civilized conduct.

So we have now seen a number of his minions being investigated for, and some charged with, dishonorable behavior, conspiracy, fraud, tax-evasion and money-laundering. How did it happen that so many people working closely with him turned out to be so tainted? Simple: He has attracted, and appointed, people just like himself. These people have become so accustomed to being crooked and getting away with it that they assumed their behavior was normal, which it is in their circles. Our country has become more off-kilter in recent years. I just hope our criminal justice system can help to set it back on track.

Art Naebig,

La Valle