LETTER: Choose better leadership for Sauk County

LETTER: Choose better leadership for Sauk County

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The 2020 budget is $9,000 short of “tax to the max,” saving the average taxpayer of Sauk County only 25 cents on their tax bills. The finance committee didn’t raid reserve fund balance, they violated it. They used 100% of projected sales tax dollars to make their budget work. With the Coronavirus pandemic they have zero chance of hitting that mark. Their irresponsible budgeting will leave Sauk County with a major budget shortfall.

When the 2020 budget debate began, the Board approved multiple amendments to be considered in a bundle versus separately. Finance committee chair John Dietz walked out of the meeting rather than defend this budget.

None of the supervisors involved deserve to be reelected. Tom Kriegl, Kristin White Eagle, Kevin Lins and John Dietz should not be rewarded for such failed stewardship.

We need strong leaders who will be stewards of your tax dollars. To make that happen, vote for Terry Spencer, Bob Newport, Rebecca Klitzke, Delmar Scanlon, Tommy Byschinski, Mike Flint, Joe Pranter, Kevin Schell, Thomas Dorner, Tim Stieve, Don Stevens, Dennis Polivka, Brian Peper, Carl Gruber, Mark “Smooth” Detter, and Joel Chrisler.

Only your voice can deliver a mandate for better leadership and responsibility.

John Deitrich, Reedsburg

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