LETTER: This country has become too stupid to survive

LETTER: This country has become too stupid to survive

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In her Dec. 27 column, Pat Nash again asks that Americans hold their elected officials "accountable." Sorry, Ms. Nash, you are spinning your wheels.

This republic is where it is today because many Americans, including Nash's readers, can't be bothered with participating in their own democracy. Does Nash really believe that her words will encourage citizens to get off their fat couches and onto the phones to convey their thoughts to their elected "representatives" who they voted for? Will any of them make the time to meet personally with these people or at least their representatives in their local offices?

Nash doesn't understand that Americans in general have other priorities, e.g. watching reality TV, memorizing the stats of their favorite sports teams, or sitting in the corner glassy-eyed and playing with their newest electronic device.

I agree with cultural commentator and author Mark Steyn, this country apparently has "become too stupid to survive."

Dave Gorak, La Valle

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