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A tsunami of laughter swept across Wisconsin in January 2019 in response to Brian Hagedorn’s announcement that he is a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Hagedorn, an evangelical, was chief legal counsel to Scott Walker, the most politically biased governor in Wisconsin history. Hagedorn said he would not “play politics.” That had Wisconsin citizens rolling on the floor. Laws are often obscure, and that’s where judges show bias. We see it in every election. Judges who say they don’t have biases are liars.When asked to name judges who played politics Hagedorn named only liberal judges. He did not mention conservative judges who made the Citizens United decision or those who enabled severe gerrymandering. Does anyone believe that those judges were not political? History has shown that people will do anything if they are conned into believing that the orders came from God. Radical Muslim clerics employ that strategy. Scott Walker said God told him to run for President. Presidential press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that God wants Trump to be president. Evangelicals gave us the most corrupt president in American history. Do we need yet another evangelical using God to manipulate us?

Dave Wester, Baraboo