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Without water, there can be no life. Without clean drinking water, we are dust. All living things require water to survive. When the oil pipeline was first being laid across the Great Plains Near Standing Rock several years ago threatening to contaminate the largest aquifer in North America, the Native Americans are quoted as saying that “Water is Life.” When will we European invaders learn from their wisdom?

Governor Tony Evers, when he took office, declared 2019 to be “The Year of Clean Drinking Water.” State statistics report that: “1.7 million residents rely on private wells and 47 percent of those wells do not meet acceptable health standards.”

When larger industries or farms locate in our areas without proper regulations in place, they are likely to affect the ground water where they are located but, also affect residents in the entire region since ground water flows below the surface similarly to the water that flows on the surface. A large industry or mega-farm miles away is quite capable of contaminating water in all adjacent.

Governor Evers has wisely stated his desire to aggressively address this problem. Will the state’s legislative body do the same and protect their constituents or will they bow to big money and outside interests? Listen but especially watch what actions are taken by our elected legislators. Actions do speak much louder than words.

Lee Van Landuyt, Hillsboro