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How far off course is this country going to go? How far off we are already! The March 7, 2019 Reedsburg Times-Press weekly paper had a two column article on page 5 on abortion and a woman’s right to “choose”. One of the sentences in that article is “It is unconscionable to think someone would deliver a viable human baby, and then a ‘discussion would ensue’ about what to do.” Knowingly allowing babies to die is infanticide.

On page 7 of the same paper is an article titled “Charges Filed in Cat’s Death.” One sentence in that article states: “The two felony charges against her have a combined maximum prison sentence of 9 ½ years. She was booked and released on a $750 signature bond and is due to appear in court March 5.”

Again, I must ask, how far off course is this country going to go?

Fran Biesek, Sauk City