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Following recent elections a young woman shared her experience that was so genuine I had to share it. She described her busy morning as she prepared her kids for day care and school. Her 7-year-old son would be able to go along to the polls before school, if they hurried.

She described the early morning scene at the polling place: busy, many senior citizens, her young son at her side, and a large crowd. She waited patiently in line and when her turn came, entered the voting booth.

As the boy gazed around the room he blurted out "Mom."

She responded "yes son," as she was busy with her duties.

He said "you're not voting for Trump are you?"

She replied as best she could, "no sweetheart, he's not in this one, it’s for different people."

The kind folks within earshot likely were surprised the youngster was so curious and interested.

He said, "I don't like Trump, he's trying to build a wall. He wants us to pay for our own wall.''

As Art Linkletter said," kids say the darndest things."

Joe O'Brien, Reedsburg