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Wilderness awards

Nicasio Aguero, Emily Hammermeister, Alyssa Ziech, and Justin Johnson.

Wilderness honors four employees

The owners of Wilderness Resort recently honored four employees for providing outstanding customer service.

The Wilderness named Nicasio Aguero its “2018 Manager of the Year” and Emily Hammermeister “2018 Employee of the Year.” Besides receiving companywide recognition, both Aguero and Hammermeister received a voucher for a vacation from select destinations in the United States and abroad, as well as $1,000 spending money.

Alyssa Ziech was named “2018 Customer Service Manager of the Year” and Justin Johnson was named “2018 Customer Service Employee of the Year”. Each received $500 as part of their recognition.

Aguero serves as internal cleaning manager, Hammermeister serves as aquatics administrator, Ziech serves as human resources manager for the Wilderness, and Johnson serves as the first assistant golf professional at Wild Rock Golf Club and is also an accounting assistant at Wilderness Resort.