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Sauk Prairie School District Assistant Superintendent Jeff Wright shares the district's report card with the school board during a Nov. 26 board meeting.

The Sauk Prairie School District received an exceeds expectations score on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s 2017-18 district report card summary.

The reports cards are annually conducted by the state as a measure of a school district’s accountability in priority areas such as student achievement, growth, closing gaps and on-track post-secondary success, and can also measure chronic absenteeism and dropout rates. A district’s overall score places it in one of five categories, including significantly exceeds expectations, exceeds expectations, meets expectations, meets few expectations or fails to meet expectations.

The district scored a 69 for overall student achievement, 67 percent for growth, 72 percent for closing gaps in English Language Arts achievement, mathematics achievement and graduation rate gaps, and near 90 percent for on-track and post-secondary readiness. All scores are based on a total scale of 100 percent. The Sauk Prairie School District scores are above the overall state score in all priority areas.

“Our overall score increased over last year,” said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Sauk Prairie School District Jeff Wright. “We continue to be a district that exceeds expectations according to the Department of Public Instruction.”

The district met the state’s expectations in its absenteeism rate and dropout rate as well.

“Another area we are proud of in the district (is) we worked a lot last year on areas where we had achievement gaps,” Wright said. “Particularly students who are non-white, students who are disadvantaged or students who have special learning needs and all of the schools in the district had a better closing gap score than the prior year.”

Wright said all district elementary schools exceed expectations and secondary schools meet state expectations.

“We know as a district we have work to do,” Wright said. “We’d like to see a higher student achievement score and that’s something we are working on.”

Sauk Prairie School District Superintendent Cliff Thompson said the staff are proud to serve the near 2,800 students in the district and their families as well as the community by “providing educational opportunities that exceed state expectations. I commend the students, our faculty and staff and all who volunteer in our schools for helping us earn this rating.”

Wright said the goal is to be a stronger school district every year. “The community continues to support our students and teachers with diverse programs, essential assistance for students facing academic struggles and high-quality facilities and technological resources,” Wright said. “We hope to earn even better results in the future.”

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Sauk Prairie Eagle reporter