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A fire broke out on a Honey Creek property at about 12 a.m May 8, completely destroying the 60 foot by 40 foot shed it started in.

In a press release, the Sauk City Volunteer Fire Department said 9,500 gallons of water was used to put out the flames.

Emergency units from Prairie du Sac, Plain, Loganville, North Freedom and Baraboo responded to the call alongside Sauk City Volunteer Fire Department. Lodi and Merrimac Fire Departments were called to help staff the Sauk City Firehouse while the fire was being dealt with.

Danette Olson, who has lived on the property for about five years, said she doesn’t know what started the fire.

“I would like to though,” Olson said.

The family first became aware of the fire when Olson’s husband, Kevin, was on the phone with her brother in the garage and noticed a flickering light coming from the shed.

“He had just got a new fishing boat, so he was excited to take his brother-in-law fishing,” Olson said. “Just when he got out to see what was flickering, the neighbor from down the road pulled in and said, ‘Your shed’s on fire.’”

The neighbor dialed 911 while en route to the Olson’s home. Kevin Olson fire was “coming through the roof” when he went to investigate.

With the wind blowing, Danette Olson thought the house would be lost too. She ran back inside and piled photographs and other sentimental items into a laundry basket before hauling it back outside.

Sauk City Firefighters arrived shortly afterward.

“They did get here in the nick of time,” Olson said. “Ten more minutes, and it would have got to the house. So we were very fortunate.”

The shed was a space the Olsons shared with their landlord. He stored three cars, a motorcycle, a trailer, business tools and other items inside. The Olsons lost riding lawn mowers, tools, two boats, and their 13-year-old son’s hockey equipment.

The shed also stored some chemicals.

“There was popping because there was all kinds of chemicals and gas tanks out there,” Olson said. “It was like the Fourth of July out there. And the colors that were coming out… If it wasn’t so nasty and scary it might have been pretty.”

Olson said part of the structure collapsed onto emergency personnel at one point, but no injuries were reported at the fire.

“The Firefighters did state that they were already dressed and in the truck coming from an accident and that was how they were able to get here as fast as they did,” Olson said. “They were able to just come straight here.”

The family cat ran and hid but reappeared “five minutes after the fire trucks rolled out,” Olson said.

Olson expressed her gratitude to the emergency personnel.

“I don’t have the words to describe how thankful I am and appreciative for them,” Olson said. “They did a wonderful job.”

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