The villages of Prairie du Sac and Sauk City and the town of Prairie du Sac approved an updated agreement that sets boundaries for annexation and cooperation between each municipality.

The new item added to the agreement permits town islands if the annexing village would be responsible for maintenance, repair and improvement of town roads within the town island area. Village of Prairie du Sac Administrator Alan Wildman said the updated agreement eliminates the timeline for different annexation areas, a component contained in the 2009 agreement.

The updated pact was approved Nov. 12 at the Sauk Prairie School District. No one spoke at the public hearing held before the vote.

The new five-year agreement continues the future common boundary line established between the two villages at Sauk Prairie Road and Oak Street, which was approved in the original agreement. The Village of Prairie du Sac cannot annex land south of the boundary line into the village of Sauk City while the village of Sauk City cannot annex land to the north unless both parties agree to the matter in writing. The agreement has the possibility of renewing for another five-years.

Wildman said the agreement doesn’t mean land will be annexed right away, but establishes what land can possibly be annexed in the future without opposition from one municipality or the another.

“It’s all still driven by the property owners,” he said.

The agreement also lists communication channels between both villages should a development, like a park or real estate, want to construction on or within 300 feet of the common annexation boundary line. A portion of land to the north of the common boundary line is subject to annexation from the village of Prairie du Sac while a portion of land to the south is subject to annexation from Sauk City. Permitted annexations must meet criteria to connect to municipal sanitary sewer, water and electrical service and be in accordance with state law.

The agreement also lists each governing body’s role in the joint Sauk Prairie Economic Strategy Development, that includes working together with the Sauk Prairie Chamber of Commerce and staff of the Sauk County Economic Development Corporation.

According to the agreement, all three municipalities must try to set aside 2021 budget money for the completion of the strategy. The Intergovernmental Planning Committee will provide a proposed plan of services and budget to complete the strategy to each governing body before Aug. 1, 2020.

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Flood report

During the meeting, all three governing bodies listened to a flood evaluation and mitigation recommendations for the southwest side of Prairie du Sac from a study completed by Strand Associates.

The information at the meeting was presented to inform the public and each of the three municipalities about possible solutions to future flood events. The item was only discussed and no action was taken.

Strand Associates Engineer Mark Shubank presented a timeline of the flooding events of March 2019 that affected the Village of Prairie du Sac, along with how much rain fell and recorded weather patterns during March 11-17.

According to the report, high temperatures contributed to rapid snow melt leading to runoff with frozen ground conditions. This affected how much water accumulated in ponds within Walter Doll Park and Parkside subdivision near the intersection of Lueders Road and Parkside Drive. A reported eight inches of snow cover was present in the village during the beginning of the week of March 11 and melted by March 15, contributing to an estimated 2.3 inches of runoff.

Shubank said Parkside Park has a connecting storm sewer that will drain from the pond into the Walter Doll Pond, but can backflow if waters get to a certain level. During the days of March 14, the far west end of Broadway Street flooded at the intersection of Lueders Road and fire trucks pumped 700 gallons per minute from Walter Doll Pond. Both pond elevations were lowered by 2 a.m. March 15 and roads opened back open the afternoon.

Some of Strand Associates recommendations for drainage improvements include purchasing trailer mounted pumps, one of which would be permanent, installing an inline check valve within the storm sewer system connecting Parkside Pond and Walter Doll Pond and purchasing a 10-inch diameter flexible hose to lay along Grand Avenue between Walter Doll Pond and 9th Street.

The report also listed potential standard operating procedures, like sending out notification to residents to provide notice of potential flood conditions, making a sandbag filling station at the public works garage and installing a frost depth probe at Walter Doll Pond to monitor frost depths.

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