As the days get hotter, Sauk Prairie locals will have a new way of cooling down while staying caffeinated: cold brew coffee.

John Joseph Coffee in Sauk City will be offering cold brew coffee for $3 per cup in house and at various upcoming events in the area. Cold brew coffee can offer the refreshing coolness of iced coffee, but without the unappealing flavors that sometimes accompany it.

“It’s a way of making iced coffee that doesn’t heating then cooling,” said John Joseph Coffee Owner John Brennan “(Which) doesn’t have the greatest flavor profile. (But) If you brew coffee coffee very slowly… it avoids some of the negatives of coffee including acidity and bitterness.”

Brennan said the cold brew coffee currently being sold is steeped overnight.

John Joseph Coffee offered cold brew at June Tunes events last year and had a daily cold brew available in house, but this year they wanted to offer something new.

“We wanted to step that up this year,” Brennan said. “One of the big things right now in cold brew is pressurizing it and using nitro. Basically, you’re carbonating but you’re not using carbon dioxide… nitro is tiny little bubbles that you might find in Guinness (beer).”

Burman Coffee Traders Owner Jon Burman said part of the appeal of cold brew is the wide variety of flavors and textures that are possible with the method.

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“Cold brew is a very versatile brewing platform,” Burman said. “You can do coarse grind (with) quick extracts versus a fine grind long extracts. The flavor can be a light, sweet floral for the quick extracts, to very thick, creamy dark toned (and) smokey for the long extracts.”

The darker, creamier variety has proven the more popular version of cold brew so far.

In nitro cold brew, which is being offered on tap at John Joseph Coffee, creaminess and sweetness are already present, negating the need to pour in cream or sugar for most consumers.

“You get this real foamy almost like beer head,” Burman said. “It will have crema up top like espresso.”

The cold brew comes just in time, as more John Joseph Coffee patrons will be enjoying their drinks outside. The coffee shop plans on embarking on a patio expansion project in the coming weeks to offer more outdoor seating and grow the business’ overall capacity.

Currently, John Joseph Coffee is using the shop’s columbian coffee beans for cold brew, but more specialized varieties may be on offer soon. Brennan said some of the shop’s whisky and port wine barrel aged coffee beans are likely to be set aside for some cold brew batches.

For now, the nitro cold brew will be on offer for $3 a cup. “It plays on the best characteristics of” coffee, Brennan said.

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