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The property taxes on a home valued at $200,000 in Sauk City will increase by just under $115, but property taxes in the village at $347 are still less than property taxes in 2013, said Sauk City Village Administrator Vicki Breunig.

The Sauk City Village trustees approved a budget just under $15 million for 2019 during its Nov. 27 board meeting, equating to about $3,991 in property taxes on a $200,000 home. The increase for the village’s portion of a residential tax bill is $10.10, the school district’s is $88, the county’s is $14.13 and the tech college will have a $2.46 increase, for a total tax increase of about $120. The mill rate in 2018 was $19.35, and will increase to $19.95 in 2019.

The village’s general fund will see a 29.3 percent increase with a total of approximately $1.9 million. The Sauk City Public Library’s operational costs increased slightly by 0.73 percent, equipment replacement went up to just under 40 percent, and capital improvements increased by 1.4 percent.

The high increase in the village’s equipment replacement fund can be attributed to a snow plow truck the village had to replace, in addition to a new pickup truck for the public works and utilities department and the village’s portion of a joint purchase of a sewer jetter between Sauk City and Prairie du Sac.

“Your budget is balanced.” Breunig said. “Your budget is below the expenditure restraint levy limit.”

“I don’t think the budget was as difficult this year,” Village Board President Jim Anderson said. He told the board he wanted them to start looking at other sites to develop. “Since we are landlocked and don’t have as much opportunity to develop in order to grow and expand, these different projects we worked on are going to help out our budget as far as finding other places that need a little tender loving care like another redevelopment project.”

Board trustee Richard Marks said the village also needs to look into what to do about its lower business park. “It’s still sitting and we haven’t done anything with it in years,” Marks said.

The board also approved an agreement between it and the village of Prairie du Sac, but several Sauk City board members used the opportunity to make jabs at the village of Prairie du Sac regarding the recent trouble Prairie du Sac encountered with its most recent street project.

The joint project includes work on Oak Street, from Water Street to Madison and 5th Street. Breunig said the agreement lays out the basics of doing the project jointly, what the project entails and the village’s participation in the construction and design and payment schedule. Breunig said Prairie du Sac will be in charge of securing the bids on this project.

“The last two contractors Prairie got in up there were abominations,” Haag said. “They did those street projects that went on and on and on. That was totally uncalled for.”

Marks said all board members will have the right to reject a bid. “So I think if we keep track and say no.”

“They’re not working for us,” Haag said about the firm Prairie du Sac awarded the bid to.

In a previous meeting of the Prairie du Sac Village Board, village administrator Alan Wildman said the village has to accept the lowest bid according to its ordinances, unless there is a compelling reason not to.

“Our engineer will still be doing a review of the work,” Breunig said. Director of Public Works and Utilities for Sauk City Marv Dolphin said the village’s engineer will also be on the job site.

“I think the secret here is to get it done early,” Marks said. “If you bid this out in the middle of the summer, that’s what you’re going to get. I would make the motion to accept this, but with the bids going out early spring.” Anderson seconded the motion.

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Reporter, Sauk Prairie Eagle