Those who enjoy the products made by Wollersheim Winery have a new way to experience their wine: in a can.

The Prairie du Sac based winery has released its first canned wine, a slightly carbonated blend of Gewürztraminer and Riesling with notes of citrus and pear. The new wine was designed specifically to be enjoyed out of a can.

“It’s just coming out to the market this week (in) stores across the state of Wisconsin,” said Wollersheim Co-Owner and Vice President of Marketing Julie Coquard.

The wine pairs well with cheese curds and grilled chicken, Coquard said.

Wollersheim Enologist Céline Coquard Lenerz said the idea came naturally.

“It’s something that my husband and I were seeing pop up here and there,” Coquard Lenerz said. “We really saw it as an innovative package. It was something that felt, to us, kind of easy and really exciting and something people were already doing.”

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With glass being prohibited in many public parks and lakes, the 187 milliliter cans make for an easy option when looking for wine for a summer outing.

“We wanted to make a high quality wine that was as portable as it was refreshing,” Coquard Lenerz said. “We wanted to make something in a convenient serving that people in the area could take with them during their long summer days on the lake, on a hike, or whatever Wisconsin adventure they may be on.”

The light weight cans used for the wine are designed to have a small carbon footprint when being transported and to be easily recyclable.

Coquard Lenerz said the slight carbonation can help deliver the traditional aromatic experience of enjoying wine, even from a can. Because swirling and viewing wine is not optimal from an aluminum container, the carbonation helps lift the beverage’s fragrance from the can upon opening it.

Coquard Lenerz said the target market for the canned wine is “anybody who loves to have something easily portable.”

Wollersheim’s American Aromatic White Wine is available in stores throughout Wisconsin, as well as the winery store itself in Prairie du Sac.

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