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Parents need to take time and instill

values in children

What do our children need most? Responsible parents.

Parents spend their money on their children’s needs and that is a good thing, but what about teaching them responsibility so when they reach 18 years old, they know how to become responsible people?

I see parents with blue hair and tattoos and I have to think, are these people who have good moral, responsible ideas about life? When I grew up, kids were kids and we always wanted the new thing, but parents were the stable people that knew how life should be lived.

Yes my parents went through the Depression and had to learn these things early in life. Most parents in my neighborhood were hard working, knew right from wrong because they went to church. It seems today parents are more interested in looking like their favorite country music fan, or keeping up with the latest trends rather than to be the stable, moral guide that children need.

This is not my idea of course, because God’s word tells us to train up a child in the way God intended and this child will know responsibility, moral values, right and wrong. What is wrong with responsibility and moral values?

James Smith, Prairie du Sac