“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals,” Albert Einstein.

The genius Albert Einstein recognized the important relationship between animals and man. He recognized how the love, compassion, and respect they have for each other enhances their lives and society as a whole.

To raise puppies and dogs specifically to be used for tests and experiments is cruel and unacceptable. Would you allow tests to be done on your dog? I certainly would not. Then we can’t allow other innocent dogs to be subjected to this cruel practice. They need our help.

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To allow this puppy mill in Spring Green to do this is a reflection on the morals and values in our society. We need to raise our voices to defend the innocent who have no voice.

Fellow citizens I have heard your love and compassion for these animals as I read your letters to the editor. We need to keep this conversation going and expand on it. You are their voice, we are their voice. We do not want this facility and inhumanity in our county, or in our state. We are Wisconsinites. We are better than this.

Darlene Ciaglo, Reedsburg

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