LETTER: Preparing proposals to improve Sauk Prairie

LETTER: Preparing proposals to improve Sauk Prairie

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Generous leaders have put forward projects to improve life in Sauk Prairie. We may have the opportunity to enhance these proposals further by using sustainability and repair of the environment and climate as criteria to use in considering them.

These projects, including the Sauk City library, the school district’s facilities and pools project, the new park-recreation development, and the recreational trail bridge over the Wisconsin River, have as their common goal improving quality of life for the long-term future. But without our immediate attention and concerted response to climate change, that long-term future looks bleak.

We cannot responsibly evaluate these projects without asking ourselves these questions. Do they contribute to the ecological sustainability of all of Sauk Prairie, including the natural world? Do they help repair the environmental and climate damage caused by our current local infrastructure and consumption?

If our projects as currently designed do not address these needs, we shouldn’t hesitate to revise them. By aiming at a future in Sauk Prairie that includes long-term care of our environment, we may ensure that the work of the many leaders who have prepared these proposals becomes a resilient model for generations.

Tom Sullivan, Prairie du Sac

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