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The republican controlled US Senate is once again attempting to undermine regular order and pass the Graham-Cassidy Bill. This Bill is just another in a series of Bills designed to erode and weaken access to affordable, non-discriminatory healthcare.

At a time when working families face runaway corporate power, the Senate republicans are now attempting to allow states to undermine some basic protections written into law by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This bill would create a climate where most states with republican majorities could continue to reject Medicaid expansion and roll back consumer protections in the private insurance industry. For people with pre-existing conditions, the bill would remove any guarantee of coverage.

Under the bill, each state that accepts federal block grant funding could waive the ACA’s rules for covering essential health benefits and other consumer protections. Insurers could take health status into account and raise rates for people with pre-existing conditions in those states. Prior to the ACA, insurers could and would exclude care for cancer and mental health or they would make coverage so expensive it was out of reach for many. No matter where you exist in the economic scale we all need affordable Healthcare

Mark Frey

Sauk City