In this essay I would like to touch in on a hot debate, child labor. I personally believe child labor is an indecent inhumane thing to do. In this essay I will focus on three of many problems with child laboring. One of the topics I will talk about is the fact that most of the slaves in this modern day and age are kids, another big issue is the working conditions, these kids work in the worst imaginable conditions, my last piece of evidence is the fact they get robbed of their childhood. I believe child labor is bad.

Most people think slavery stopped years ago but it just got passed down to the next generation. “Over 5 million child slaves in the UK alone” says antislavery.org and when I say slaves I mean they get 0-5 cents a year. An average American makes 32,000 dollar a year. That’s a big difference if you ask me. Now child labor has gone down drastically through the years but it’s still sad to hear of the stories of families selling their young child for debts.

Another big issue is the work environment. Kids are forced to work in blistering heat for twelve hours a day, sometimes picking plants taller than them, said ilo.org and on the other hand kids are chained to chairs and forced to work in factories. Some reports have shown that a child laborers who hunch over to sew get hunch back and live a life of pain. And on top of the physical pain of getting beaten and working to the bone, the kids have to endure people abusing them psychologically, people saying they’ll never get out they don’t amount to anything. The physical and mental abuse leave kids that are broken down and have no hope.

These kids who were tortured and beat down in every possibly way always have a chance in most every country child slavery is illegal http://stopchildlabor.org. So lets say they get out, what do they do they don’t know how to socialize, they don’t know what it’s like to be a kid, they are adults in children’s bodies. Child labor is a bigger issue than the average person thinks, children that are younger than ten have to work off debts that their parents can’t. And when this happens that debt usually never goes away.

Some people say child labor isn’t all that bad, I mean we do get a lot of our clothes, furniture, etc from them but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that kids die and are tortured, all for our expense. I believe child labor is bad. I believe this for many different reasons, some being the work environment, some being the mental and physical health, these two minor things all tie into a bigger picture that is child labor. I believe child labor is bad.

Evan Tucker, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City

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