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Having honor roll in schools is a very debatable topic. The honor roll a list of students who have earned grades above a specific average during a semester or school year. Compare dean's list. 2. a list of names, usually on a plaque in a public place, of local citizens who have served or died in the armed services. The honor roll can help students work harder, set goals for themselves, and students will experience success. This paper will argue why the honor roll should be in schools.

My first reason is that honor roll helps students work hard. For example in the article "School Bans Honor Roll, Calls It Unfair To Those Who Don't Make It" by Buzz Bishop claims that “It’s no longer on my resume, but for a while it was there to prove that i was active, had a variety of influence, and was committed to working hard and setting goals.” this is true because kids who work hard get experience and will later then work hard at a future job.

My second reason is that students will set goals for themselves. With the same example from the first reason it claims that kids set goals. This is helpful for kids because having students set small goals will lead towards a bigger goal. An example of this is a student setting a goal to study every night, which can then lead to getting good grades and help them get into college.

My last reason is that the honor roll lets students experience success. For example in the article "Honoring the Honor Roll” the author, Libby Cornelssen claims that "Honor roll is a major way in which students experience success." This is beneficial because when students experience success they realize that all the hard work they put into it was worth in and are proud of what they did.

Some people might think that having the honor roll in schools can lead to cheating. But cheating can be prevented with teachers spreading the students out and making sure there are no phones on them. It can also be prevented with students feeling confident that they are going to do well and that they will get good grades.

In conclusion, honor roll helps students work hard, set goals and fell successful. Knowing that some people think honor roll isn't needed in school, honor roll can help students work hard towards making honor roll. So after reading this hopefully you will agree that honor roll should be in schools.

Carly Coy, grade 7, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City