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If you believe that you are in an economic or social ditch and cannot get out, I suggest considering a recommendation from the famous scientist George Washington Carver. He stated that to be successful you needed to learn to do "common things uncommonly well." You can use education to get ahead or you use a trade or skill to build yourself up. Both of these avenues can work but you still have to persistently work hard to get out of that ditch. Carver himself lived this rule in every facet of his life. Most days he was busy with his job of teaching young people from 4 a.m. until 9 or 10 p.m. He did not have much social life but after all he was one of the most decorated and honored person in the history of our nation , and he earned every honor. His well deserved honors were equal to most presidents and he was a teacher at a small college for people of color, Tuskegee University. He was a model and a leader of both young and old and interacted with students, politicians and academic leaders alike. He was special and you can be special too, if you only will.

John Pickle, Jr., Lodi