As most of you should know, in some countries child labor is okay, but unlike our country it’s illegal. A lot of kids either grew up to work with no school education, let’s see where child labor happens more often, and some children quit school because of the need of money. Let’s find out what kids have to go through with their lives.

Most of us ask questions about this topic, so my question is, why can’t every kid in the world have the same rights, Same environment weather it’s rainy or dry doesn’t matter they were all born here on Earth, and why can’t they have the right for an education? In an Article I read called “Children’s lives” it says “Most boys and girls are lucky. They live with their mothers and fathers and with their brothers and sisters. They go to school. They have time to play.” This goes perfectly with my question yeah, most boys and girls are lucky but why not all? Who knows in the same article I read it says” They start a lifetime of hard labor in the factories, fields and ding workshops of Asia, Africa, and South America.” Now that is just crazy to me, Now to think that a lot of children grow up to this lifestyle is very disappointing. There’s this video called http://yourmovement.ca/act/nochildforsale/ where it shows a girl that is making blankets for other children to use.

If you’ve ever listened to child labor stories you will hear that this mostly happens in the other side of the Earth like Africa and Europe. In this article it list the 10 worst countries for child labor https://cnn.com/2013/10/15/world/child-labor-index-2014/index.html. It is very very important to realize were these things happen in order to help the children who are forced into child labor. In this same article it says “A new report by risk analysis firm Maplecroft, which ranks 197 countries, identifies Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and Yemen as the 10 places where child labor is most prevalent.” I think we are disappointed that this happens and we try to help but we really can’t.

In this article https://washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/215/04/16/an-alarming-number-of-teenagers-are-quitting-school-to-work-heres-how-to-help-them/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.25c3f05b9ec6 it says that children quit school and they earn a quarter of money there family need to survive. In this same article it says “Six out of 10 of the teenagers identified in the study earned less than $10,000 a year working in restaurants, on construction sites, cleaning buildings, among other things. A third of the kids contribute more than 20 percent of the total annual income of their households, a tenth contributed more than 50 percent, the study said.” This is completely crazy to me and I feel like kids and teens shouldn’t work until they’re 18 years of age.”

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I would see why it’s important for kids to raise money and help with medications or bills for there family. Also I would see why families need more money help with there households.

To conclude this essay I feel like kids shouldn’t work until they are 18 or older. Kids should have same rights. Also they shouldn’t have to quit school.

Detsy Garcia, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City

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