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Some background information is that texting has some good things to it and not so good ones, such as emotions, communication, and getting evolved more.

Emotions have a positive effect on health because, is there patients are going through something really hard they have a phone to contact a family member. 2019 this evidence is good, because this has improved communication with health in their medical studies. Texting is also good because if something happens to you or someone really close to you, are most likely to pick up your phone and call or text. This also will happen if someone you know is trying to do suicides. Suicides usually happen because of events or situations that the person is having difficult lifetime trying to figure it out.

Testing is hotly debated because some people think that texting is a bad thing, but it’s not because my evidence shows how it helps with emotions, communication, and getting involved more. 2019 one way you can help with receiver misreads something you’ve sent. If you are having a bad day send a friend memes or funny videos you’d think they would find amusing. Texting can be safe but, texting and walking can be unsafe such as a fifteen year old was hit by a car while on her phone and killed. On the other hand sixty percent texting while walking are veered into a path of a car.

Even though texting can be not very safe there are some positive things about it such as emotions, communication, and getting involved more. 2019 one way of getting off your phone is just being active more an example is, playing with a sibling or asking a friend if they want to do something with you. Another thing is that turning off your phone when at a table so that you can be getting involved in the conversation that will reduce the possibility of “empathetic conversation”. About seventy percent of the world likely has a cell phone, and that makes it easier for participants to get involved and respond to the person that you are talking to.

In conclusion people at work also have the temptation to grab their electronic and start doing their thing. One thing to do is listen to the radio in your car and jam out there. Most of the injuries happen to young teens. In 2014 a fourteen year old was injured after stepping off a bridge while on his phone. People say that phones are safe but stepping off a bridge or getting hit by a car does not sound very safe.

Gabrielle Cooper, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City

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