The Sauk Prairie Pool Sharks youth swim team opened the 2019 season with a dual-meet win over Spring Green.

The Pool Sharks went on the road Saturday and earned a 366-290 win, outscoring the Dolphins 193-138 in the girls meet and 173-152 in the boys meet.

Sauk Prairie’s first win of the night came in the sixth event, as the quartet of Adam Kaukl, Jacob Klein, Anthony Rosario and Jason King touched the wall in 3 minutes, 13.08 seconds to win the boys 11- and 12-year-old 200-meter medley relay.

The Pool Sharks won the 200 medley relay in the next four age groups, as Carly Coy, Amelia Hunter, Riley Talmage and Emily Vande Hey won the girls 13-14 in 2:22.38; Carter Buss, Gage Ranzenberger, Nick Dunnum and Jack Boerger won the boys 13-14 (2:37.14); Alexa Judd, Lauryn Drager, Kassandra Miller and Grace Williams won the girls 15-18 (2:18.13); and Zach Guentherman, Desmon Sachtjen, Adam Stecker and Jordan Chao won the boys 15-18 (2:02.09).

Sam Beattie (:27.58), Chao (:27.58) and Stecker (:27.78) swept the top spots in the boys 15-18 50 freestyle, while Dunnum (:31.72) and Jack Boerger (:32.77) took first and second, respectively, in the boys 13-14 50 freestyle, and Williams (:30.70) and Ashley Pape (:31.33) led the field in the girls 15-18 50 freestyle.

The Pool Sharks were strong in the girls 15-18 age group. Miller (:34.03), Judd (:35.58) and Summer Acker (:37.97) touched the wall first in the 50 backstroke; Cora Dunnum (2:31.07), Judd (2:32.63) and Acker (2:41.10) swept the 200 freestyle; Dunnum (:31.95) and Williams (:32.96) led the way in the 50 butterfly; and Miller (:40.65) and Drager (:41.41) led the field in the 50 breaststroke.

The trio of Sachtjen (:32.95), Daniel Bakhchevnikov (:35.94) and Chao (:36.32) swept the boys 15-18 50 breaststroke, while Chao (2:19.88), Stecker (2:40.96) and Ryan Godwin (2:41.46) swept the 200 freestyle.

Ranzenberger won the boys 13-14 100 IM (1:28.47) and the 50 breaststroke (:42.76). Austin Kaukl (1:33.34) took second in the 100 IM, while Daniel Klein (:43.50) was the runner-up in the 50 breaststroke.

Charlotte Gregg (:54.07) and Katie Frey (:55.69) led the field in the girls 9-10 50 breaststroke; Nick Dunnum (2:40.93) Jack Boerger (2:43.62) took first and second, respectively, in the boys 13-14 200 freestyle; and Kaylee Oleson (:33.91) and Ava Flanagan (:38.95) led the girls 11-12 50 butterfly.

Other first-place individual finishes for the Pool Sharks came from Talmage in the girls 13-14 200 freestyle (2:32.51) and 50 butterfly (:34.31); Sachtjen in the boys 15-18 50 butterfly (:26.88); Rosario in the boys 11-12 50 freestyle (:33.32); Alana Kopp in the girls 8-and-under 25 backstroke (:25.71); Emerson Drew in the girls 11-12 100 IM (1:44.10); Hunter in the girls 13-14 100 IM (1:22.38); Cora Dunnum in the girls 15-18 100 IM (1:15.89); Meyer Hartwig in the boys 8-and-under 25 breaststroke (:33.42); Oleson in the girls 11-12 100 freestyle (1:09.13); and King in the boys 11-12 100 freestyle (1:43.97);

Sauk Prairie won all but one freestyle relay. Alana Kopp, Victoria Brum, Teresa Weiss and Allison Herbrand teamed up to win the girls 8-and-under 100 freestyle relay in 1:54.56, while Seneca Ruyle, Lila Shadewald, Haydee Meyer and Adelyn Kopp won the girls 9-10 200 freestyle relay (3:18.90); Levi Shadewald, Will Bercher, Cy Welch and Ethan Goodman won the boys 9-10 200 freestyle (3:10.70); Flanagan, Addisyn Ranzenberger, Kate Himebauch and Oleson won the girls 11-12 200 freestyle (2:27.59); Talmage, Hunter, Vande Hey and Coy won the girls 13-14 200 freestyle (2:06.53); Nick Dunnum, Austin Kaukl, Boerger and Carter Buss won the boys 13-14 200 freestyle (2:16.72); Miller, Williams, Judd and Cora Dunnum won the girls 15-18 200 freestyle (2:01.01); and Kurt Price, Alec Buss, Jake Guentherman and Sachtjen won the boys 15-18 200 freestyle (1:53.91).

The Pool Sharks will head to Cross Plains Saturday for a dual meet.

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