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Scott Turow’s stalwart Sandy Stern is 85 years old, ready for retirement until old friend Dr. Kiril Pafko is arrested on myriad charges a younger lawyer could make an entire career out of. The fun lies not only in watching Stern dissect the crime, along with the prosecution, but doing so even as he lost faith in his own abilities and faculties. This is thriller writing of the highest order, at once a brilliant character study and superb exploration of the nature, and relative merits, of the truth.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The war crimes case against a Navy SEAL that drew the attention of President Donald Trump and conservative activists has cost the Secretary of the Navy his job. The prosecution of Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, and a failed attempt to demote him and strip him of his status as a SEAL, is expected to have broad repercussions for the U.S. military. Here’s a look at the case:

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The “maiden tribute” in the series’ title was a reference to the Greek myth in which virgins were sacrificed to the minotaur of Crete, the half-man, half-bull so brutal that a labyrinth was built to contain him. But Stead points out that, unlike the mythic narrative, which required the sacrifice of seven virgins every nine years, modern London was witnessing an exponential number of girls being sacrificed each day.

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