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Klement's racing sausage, switch to Johnsonville, AP photo

The Klement's chorizo racing sausage went down at Miller Park during a game in 2014, and is now out of the running, since the Milwaukee Brewers switched sausage vendors for 2018, with Johnsonville taking over the sausage stands and on-field racing.

Johnsonville sausages are now the top dogs at Miller Park in Milwaukee, leaving Klement's sausages in ashes at the back of the grill.

The Milwaukee Brewers and Sheboygan Falls-based Johnsonville Foods have linked up for a second time, putting the nation's largest producer of sausage into buns at the baseball park for the 2018 season.

The contract is at least bun-length, but the number of years wasn't disclosed.

Johnsonville was the provider of brats and other sausages for the Brewers from 1979 to 1988, when the team still played at Milwaukee County Stadium.

Klement's, a Milwaukee-based sausage maker, was king of the sausage string at the stadium for about 25 years.

The company was disappointed it couldn't cut the mustard anymore, but was going to ketchup in putting on other local events.

Baseball and hot dogs are inseparable, but Johnsonville doesn't make hot dogs.

Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes said the club is in negotiations with several vendors for the right to serve hot dogs at Miller Park.

The sausages Johnsonville will be providing at the park include brats, chorizo, Italian and Polish.

The Johnsonville contract also allows the company to put its brand on the Famous Racing Sausages, a fixture at Miller Park since cocktail weenies grew up to be full-sized.

The agreement between the company and the Brewers also gives Johnsonville naming rights to the club level all-inclusive area at Miller Park, which had been called the Dew Deck.