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The Manticore, a swing ride, will open Memorial Day weekend at Mt. Olympus.

As is customary, visitors to the Dells can expect some new attractions in the New Year.

Mt. Olympus made the announcement on its website that it already has a new ride in the works: a 140 foot vertical swing that overlooks the entire theme and water park. The ride has been dubbed “The Manticore,” which according to mythology is a hybrid lion creature with the body of a lion, the face of a human, tail of a scorpion, and in some versions large bat-like wings. Judging from the park theme and ride’s operation, it is easy to see where it got its name.

The Manticore consists of a single tower soaring up into the sky, complete with a rotating and lifting center with 24 seats. Guests will be at the mercy of the centerpiece as they swing from the chains holding their seats. And speaking of centerpiece, the new ride will be in a section considered to be the centerpiece of the park. Guests will not only get a thrill from the height, but also an exclusive, bird’s eye view of the entire theme park. The view can be enjoyed during the day and at night as the theme park shows off its LED-speckled columns.

Park owner Nick Laskaris came up with this idea after checking out different manufacturers and going to different shows to see what works the best. “We wanted a swing ride that would be for everyone: children and adults,” Laskaris said.

People can expect the Manticore ride to swing into action on Memorial Day weekend, Laskaris said. The new ride will be included in passes to water and theme park available to Mt. Olympus guests.

Mt. Olympus posted the basic details about the new ride on its website, and locals are already excited for it.

“I think it will be pretty awesome!” said Sebastian Thiel of Lake Delton.

“I would go on this in a heartbeat!” said Jessica Misuky-Garcia of Grand Marsh.