At El Taco Loco, a new Tex-Mex style restaurant directly off Broadway, manager AV likes to bring a unique spin to the food he knows and loves.

First opening for Automotion back in May, El Taco Loco brings an authentic flavor to the Dells that is greatly influenced by V’s Mexican upbringing. His family has a passion for cooking, and he likes to bring his personal flair to his restaurant’s fare.

“I love to eat a lot, and I go out a lot,” AV said. “If I like something at a restaurant, I’ll try for hours just to eat your salsa or to eat your tortillas. It doesn’t matter, it has to be something I like.”

AV travels around the world frequently, and likes to incorporate the foods he finds on his travels. Everything from his trips to Europe to his family in Mexico makes its way into his cuisine.

One of his signature tacos is made with pork, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, a stereotypically European flavor combination that blends with AV’s Tex-Mex preparation. According to him, this array of flavors is what sets him apart from the competition.

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“All of my recipes here are similar to Mexican, but we do a little twist,” AV said. “We have what I call a blackout taco, nobody else has that … the other one is pork, mushroom and swiss … it’s got melted cheese between the tortillas.”

AV makes his “blackout taco” with blue corn tortillas, similar to what you could purchase at any Latin market or even some grocery stores. But AV takes the preparation further, crisping up the tortilla and making it pure black, a unique presentation that stands out among the crowd.

The manager’s inventiveness does not stop there. Now, after Labor Day, once the summer crowds have thinned out and business slows down substantially, AV is testing new recipes to serve up to hungry customers. Right before he sat down for his interview, he was preparing a chili bean concoction that may potentially get added to his menu for customers this winter.

Constantly growing and expanding his menu fits into AV’s style. He’s always on the go in his life or in his work. Whether he’s traveling, working at El Taco Loco or working as a part-time DJ at Showboat on Broadway, AV is rarely at rest.

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