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The biggest traffic weekend of the year is expected this weekend in the Dells, but construction on Broadway isn’t expected to be complete in time for the event, according to committee members at the May 14 meeting of the Public Works Committee.

The recent inclement weather has been a factor in the delaying of the street repairs, so only two lanes of traffic will be open despite that Automotion kicks off on Saturday. Construction is expected to be complete the third week of June. However, construction crews hope to have the sidewalks open to pedestrian traffic by this weekend.

Apartment complex

A motion was unanimously carried by the City Plan Commission to consider a conditional use permit application by Mirus Partners, Inc.

Mirus Partners has proposed to build a 60-unit apartment complex of mixed incomes and multi-families. The apartments would consist of two styles of apartments. One would be 30 individual townhomes and the other would be a 30-unit apartment building.

The proposed apartment complex would be built just north of the Indian Trail Motel and would stretch from Race Street to South 13 on vacant land.

The developers, Mirus Partners, have already built another apartment complex on Pioneer Drive and Fitzgerald Road, which is said to be a success.

Riverfront Patio

A motion was carried unanimously for Eric Helland’s request for a riverfront patio with outdoor seating.

The patio area would have a bar, stage area, seating, fixed heating lamps, restrooms and a few food carts.

However, the commission is undecided on the approval and or allowance of food carts for Helland’s proposed riverfront patio since food carts are currently allowed only for fixed mortar-and-brick businesses in the Dells.

River Arts District Committee

The Committee approved a motion to eliminate the River Arts District Committee and to increase the Business Improvement District (BID) Committee to 10 members. The BID will absorb the responsibilities of the River Arts District Committee.

The motion was introduced by Mayor Ed Wojnicz and was approved unanimously by all commission members.

Fire Chief

A motion was carried unanimously for the Fire Chief Pat Gavinski to sit on the City Planning Comission.