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I am very disturbed about the wolf hunt in our state. Wisconsin will be known for allowing dog fighting. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, however this barbarism is taking place on public lands.

Despite public outcry, hunters are allowed to use packs of dogs to hunt wolves. This barbaric practice is known as hounding. It is a shameful, brutal blood sport that should be outlawed. Dogs are trained to relentlessly pursue small animals such as raccoons and coyotes and upon catching them the dogs will literally tear the animal to pieces while still alive -- all for the amusement of the hunters.

When a pack of dogs pursues a wolf, it will be an entirely different scenario. A wolf will turn and fight and kill if necessary to protect its territory. And there you have a state sanctioned bloody dog fight right here on our public land.

Apparently at one point, Sen. Fred Risser had an epiphany because he authored Senate Bill SB93. That bill states, “dogs will not be used to hunt wolves.” That bill now lies buried in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Sen. Neal Kedzie, committee chairman, is refusing to let SB93 go to the floor for a full vote. It appears the hunting factions have convinced Sen. Kedzie that illegal dog fighting is acceptable. There appears to be a shortage of morality and honesty among some politicians these days.

Karen Wells, Lake Geneva

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Vicki Marquardt

In this very beautiful state of Wisconsin, the mentality remains about killing animals. Even if it means hunting/killing in an inhumane way. This type of mentality is insane, and using dogs in wolf hunting is ridiculous. Cruelty is what we call it, plain and simple. To the amusement of the hunters, for dogs to play such a part of their will to kill. Politicians are just as responsible for this inhumane mentality and yes, it is immoral as you stated.

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