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The Wisconsin Dells School Board has sent out a mailer, at our expense no doubt, trying to sell us, yet again, on a huge building project. It is filled with typically vague educational jargon, like “current facilities don’t provide modern learning opportunities.” Whatever that means.

Then it relies on that “only pennies a day” argument made by slick salesmen everywhere. Problem is, pennies a day can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Especially since the School Board figures don’t take into account additional utilities, equipment and staff that the new schools will require. The real property tax increase will be lots more than they claim.

For this referendum, the Board has been quiet as a mouse. No signs trumpeting “It’s for the kids.” But, they do say we will only pay 55 percent of the costs, because of donations. Well, the last referendum was for $50 million, right? And 55 perecent of that is about $28 million, so why are they asking for $34 million? Check with the math department, maybe?

The School Board obviously thinks these pennies a day will be overlooked in November in the partisan wrangling for Governor, Senator, etc. Don’t be fooled. Vote No Nov. 6.

Alan Osborn, Wisconsin Dells