LANDERS: Adios Aaron Rodgers!

LANDERS: Adios Aaron Rodgers!

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Well the time has finally come. The time so many like me were hoping for. We waited patiently, enduring a time of hardship, frustration, and unknown for what the future holds. But now the future is looking brighter with each passing day. No, I am not talking about “opening up,” I am talking about the beginning of the end of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Poor Aaron. It has become apparent that the new coach and the supporting casts of managers in Packerland aren’t going to put up with his prima donna ways too much longer. He doesn’t have say in who they draft anymore. He can’t call the plays he wants to run. He can’t even get Jake from State Farm to return his calls. A-a-ron’s continued welcome in Green Bay is about as warm as a Lambeau Field bleacher seat in December. And as a Bears fan, all I can say is, “It’s about time!”

I recognized that Rodgers was a talented quarterback. I also recognized that there was a reason why so many teams in need of a quarterback didn’t draft him back in 2005. Coming out of college, Aaron had a reputation for not being a team player and thinking highly of himself. It pained him greatly that he had to wait his turn in Green Bay behind Brett Favre. Instead of embracing the opportunity to learn from one of the game’s greats, he pouted on the bench like a pudgy kid who missed the ice cream truck. I would know, I missed plenty in my day.

Bears fans didn’t care for many of the outcomes of Brett Favre games, but at least we appreciated the competitor and talent he was. He was fun, he clowned around, he was exciting to watch. He was a guy you couldn’t help but like, especially when he played for the Jets and Vikings. Sure, Rodgers had the Bears’ number, but he’s arrogant, whines too much, and let’s face it…the guy isn’t well liked in some circles. Rodgers has two personalities. His, “boy next door” one you see in his TV ads, and his real one that has been uncovered by his former teammates and coaches.

Packer fans know deep down that Rodgers isn’t all he is cracked up to be. They like it when he wins, but they scream for his replacement whenever he loses. The most naive Packer fans go crazy whenever he throws a Hail Mary to beat Detroit, but come on, it’s Detroit! I’ll take ten of my most dedicated readers, including my mother-in-law, and we would be favored by 3 in beating Detroit at home.

I know some of my friends reading this will get fired up because they take every opportunity to remind me how diehard Packer fans they are, which also means that big words might be hard for them and they might have problems with no pictures in my column. Their typical come back line is “Bears still suck” or something childish like that, big whoop… I know they do. As a dedicated Bears fan, I live perpetually (that means in a way that doesn’t end) in 1985, so every jab and joke thrown my way since then is ignored as I wear my headband and parachute pants.

What is truly painful for many Packer fans to realize is the real reason why Green Bay is moving away from Rodgers as their future signal caller. It’s not his age or arm strength. It’s his apparent lack of leadership, teamwork, and friendships with his team expose the truth that Rodgers will not be the player to bring another championship to Green Bay. One could say that his lone championship was made possible by efforts and holdouts of the Favre era players and coaches. Aaron had several opportunities since but couldn’t muster the ability to win in the playoffs. Even two former Bears quarterbacks, Sid Luckman and Mike Tomczak, both have better winning percentages in the playoffs than Rodgers, so there! Those guys also had much better relationships with their teammates and didn’t whine about their lack of receivers, linemen, running backs, defense, special teams, and coaches like somebody I know does.

How ironic that the guy who doesn’t show any love for the people who make him successful will eventually be replaced by a guy with the last name of Love. By the way, on behalf of all Bears fans, we are going to love this painful journey that awaits the Packer faithful (faithful only when winning of course). As every Bears fan knows, our two favorite teams are the Monsters of the Midway and whoever plays Green Bay.

This column may not sit well with you Packer fans, but hopefully you can all take a joke. In this frustrating and difficult time, I thought it would be good to infuse some Bears-Packers rivalry to get our mind off of more serious things. Truth is, I have many in-laws that are Packer fans that I love dearly. I enjoy the time we spend together as long as it’s not within 1,000 feet of a school or park or anywhere their ankle monitors prohibit. However, if there is one thing that we Bears and Packers fans can all agree on, is that no matter how difficult life gets, at least we aren’t Vikings fans.

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