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"Murphy, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, is appalled that the UW-Madison is offering a course next semester called..... The Problem of Whiteness." You bet and so are many others.

Taxpayers need to stand up and stop tax support for these universities pushing propaganda. Barack pushed racism and is still the real pusher of racism.

People forget, who are the ones that pay "all the bills" for freeloaders, refugees, illegal aliens birthing medical bills, and the rest of the high
priced freebies us whites are made to pay for.

The real racism didn't start until that Barack Hussein reign.

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"..........fan wore a Halloween costume featuring a noose around the neck of President Barack Obama."

What is the difference between a noose around President-elect Donald Trump's neck displayed on a dummy during protests and posted on the net around the world to see?

Talk about racism!!

We the patriotic people are sick of those that keep talking, TEACHING ABOUT IT, and encouraging RACISM. It started with this Muslim Barack Hussein Obama and he is going to keep pushing it to cause major havoc in our America. Take time to THINK about it and.....DO depth research!

Top-notch radio, KSFO 560 AM, www.ksfo.com.

Good reading: "Scorched Earth", author Michael Savage.

The game's over Mr President.......and your team lost. End your Trump temper tantrum and show some dignity. You re the only outgoing U. S. President that is acting like a petrified jerk. Using his race!!

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