LETTER: Our state doesn't respect democracy

LETTER: Our state doesn't respect democracy

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Our state doesn’t respect democracy

Rank and file Republicans have stood quiet on gerrymandering, and I can’t understand their silence.

Redistricting is a function of our legislature, and every 10 years it establishes the areas in which Wisconsinites vote. The problem lies in how republicans have gerrymandered these districts, moving boundaries to stack and pack voters to allow their candidates an unfair advantage. For example, in the 2018 statewide vote, democrats were elected to all five constitutional state offices. Democrats also took 54% of the popular vote for the Assembly; however, two-thirds of the seats went to Republicans. Yes, 63 seats were “won” by republicans, and only 36 seats went to democrats. How is this possible? Gerrymandering by a republican-controlled legislature. It is time to call this what it is, cheating.

Since 1980, Iowa has had a non-partisan redistricting process, but republicans Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald will have nothing to do with it. They won’t even hold hearings to discuss it. Shame on them. Cheating to stay in power doesn’t look good on the republican party.

Only when Wisconsin puts a fair process in place will we be able to say that each voter’s voice is being counted and that our state actually respects democracy.

Donald Nelson,

Wisconsin Dells

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