LETTER: Rush deserved nothing

LETTER: Rush deserved nothing

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Rush Limbaugh, the Medal of Freedom. What a joke. That man is not even a veteran. He has been broadcasting hate for more than 20 years. He actually played a song called "Barack the Magic Negro" on his show. Said to have said things like "Slavery had its merits," "Go take the bone out of your nose and then come talk to me." This is someone who should receive the highest civilian commendation? How do you think that made Charles Magee feel as a black man? How do you think that made Amy Williams, who was two seats away, feel about that? Her husband has had four tours of duty to the Middle East and is lucky to be alive and how long was her husband in town before he was used as a pawn? Did you see the pain and anguish on the face of Gage Hake as he was trying to comfort his distressed mother while President Donald Trump used them as a pawn? Broke my heart. President Trump is disgraceful. All the Senators who voted yes to acquit you do not know what you have done.

Pam Stolte, Wisconsin Dells

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