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It looks like the Wisconsin Dells School Board is mulling again on how and where to build a new school. I believe twice now the local people have voted to build a new Lake Delton grade school, pre-K through fourth grade. Even though I still think a pre-K through eighth grade would take the weight off Spring Hill School and the Dells High School which is a lot newer than the Lake Delton Grade School.

How much asbestos, lead pipes and other harmful chemicals are in the Delton school? Again, that park is hardly ever used-a great place for the new Lake Delton School. The ravine there could be the basement of the new school which is a lot less excavating also. Building behind that school fence would also protect the children playing out there. Yes, we could build a new high school to impress everybody or a new Lake Delton School for the right purposes.

Chuck Volkey

Lake Delton