Try 3 months for $3

The Baraboo News Republic needs to review its policy for making petty theft headline news simply because it involved a county board member.

I am not condoning this, but challenge the reporting as front-page newsworthy. One could argue it was because it involved a county board supervisor. However, two others have received speeding violations since the start of 2018 and -- crickets.

This petty theft, less than $10 in value, certainly was as newsworthy as a supervisor who was speeding 16-19 miles per hour over the speed limit without insurance while challenging his case in Columbia County.

Another supervisor was caught speeding and had it reduced to a "speedometer violation" -- crickets. Another supervisor was charged with domestic violence in 2007 and had it reduced to a “disorderly conduct.”

That happened before he filed his nomination papers. Isn’t is conceivable that voters would vote for someone else if they had known that information?

Before you try to shame someone -- maybe the Boo News should consider the severity of the crime. Multiple supervisors have challenged their offenses in demand for a fair trial. That received zero press.

One supervisor sampled some soup and reasonably paid his fine and apologized. That story garnered two front pages.

Anna Marie Morgan, Lodi