On Feb. 21, a letter writer to Juneau County Star Times characterized political pundit Pat Nash as “delusional,” accused her of thinking “she should be the one to write Trump's State of the Union address” but supposedly “couldn't carry (Trump’s) water bottle across the street.”

Although Nash is a serious and savvy surveyor of the political landscape, I’m sure she has no desire to write speeches for the president. Being literate, logical and articulate, Nash knows that nothing she might write would sound a bit like Donald Trump.

If Trump is incapable of transporting his water bottle himself, perhaps he could have one of his toadies convey it - or he could use his golf cart. Trump is a self-avowed terrific golf cart driver; in fact, he may have even boasted that he’s the smartest and best golf cart driver ever.

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Fortunately, Trump hasn’t let his golf cart driving interfere with his extensive executive time, spent watching television and thinking and tweeting, the latter two not necessarily in tandem. Maybe on those rare occasions when he’s “thinking,” he can figure out some ingenious way to get his water bottle across the street without a golf cart.

We’ll see what happens.

Robert Reid, Wisconsin Dells

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